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The Only Nonprofit Guide You Need

Over the years, I have shared knowledge with my followers, clients, friends, and family about the best practices for nonprofit organizations. While I can’t spill all the coffee….ehr..tea, this article is designed to be a guide to tips and resources to make your nonprofit stronger moving to the future. I will answer questions about donors, boards, volunteers, and staffing your nonprofit. Let’s sit back with a cup of coffee and #nerdoutabout nonprofits.

What’s My Story?

That’s a loaded question!! If you’ve listened to The Nonprofit Show for a few episodes, you may notice my native southern accent slips into conversation. I am originally from South Carolina but have lived in Arizona so long, they consider me a native Arizonan!

What I love about Arizona is the small business culture, business networking, and the weather (most of the year!). My son and I take as much time outdoors hiking and camping as we can. When the weather is right, I might even be working from a campsite. When it’s too hot in the summer or we want to play in the snow, we head to Utah. That’s where I met my husba