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Top Three Ways to Engage Milennials in Your Nonprofit

Meet the millennials where they are and engage with them via social media. You can often find millennials habitually checking their profiles daily (or even hourly) from their mobile devices, tablets or laptops.

The Rayvan Group recommends your business implement these strategies to engage this hard-to-capture audience through a social movement. 

1. Share nuggets of information that will speak to them. 

Millennials often have short attention spans (but then again, who doesn't anymore) and want to accomplish their tasks quickly so that they can move on to the next. As a result, if your message is too long and intrica

te to grasp, this audience will most likely ignore it. 

Present simple, easy-to-grasp nuggets of information that will easily and quickly capture their interest.

2. Ask a Millennial to share a story.

Include prompts in your social media posts that ask for a response.  Millennials will be encouraged to join the discussion by seeing these calls to action. 

3. Respond to Millennials in real-time — and every time — to create a one-on-one conversation and experience.

It isn’t rocket science. Everybody likes to feel important and that their question or comment is being read and heard. Take the time to respond to your audience, especially Millennials as quickly as possible. Tag them by name, if you can to make it even more personal. 

The Rayvan Group encourages you to embrace Millennials in your nonprofit, your company and your outreach. Utilize this vibrant audience, meet them where they are and capitalize on their talent.


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