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Tips for Growing Your Grant Writing Business

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Have you been grant writing part-time and are ready to scare your business? Do you wish you could make your own hours? The Great Resignation, which started in 2019, continues today with workers in service and corporate jobs fleeing for better opportunities. If you’re thinking of resigning, there is grant writing work available.

In this article, I offer tips for growing your grant writing business including the benefits of working full-time, or part-time, setting rates, and my latest offer for continuing education.

Benefits of Growing Your Grant Writing Business

The pandemic has illustrated to employees and bosses alike that they can be effective working from home. Many are choosing to take it another step by quitting their jobs and growing a business from their home offices. If that sounds like you, keep reading!

One of the benefits of growing your grant writing business is working in your pajamas all day. Seriously, working from home, especially during a pandemic, means the commute is from bed to coffee to home office. That said, my collection of pajamas, like for others, ranges from daytime to nighttime pajamas. Just make sure you’re presentable from the waist up and don’t get up during a video meeting! Go ahead and laugh but you’ve got to admit that is a great way to work!

Not only can you stay comfy all day, but you can also create your own schedule, work from anywhere, be your own boss, and work with clients you love.

Set your own rates.

There is a grant writing myth that writers get a percentage of the grants that are secured by the organization. The two professional grant writing associations, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Grant Professionals Association, both debunk this myth and outright bar grant writers from taking a percentage of the grant. Instead, most grant writers are paid hourly for their work. Rates range from $25 per hour to $100 or more, depending on experience.

Keep the standard in mind as you’re growing your business. At the same time, ask yourself what an hour of your work is worth. As a business owner, there are hours for which you are not paid. Networking, meetings, emails, taxes, office expenses, and continuing education should all be considered when you set your own rates.

Continuing Education.

This year I am offering the Book Yourself Solid Grant Writing where I teach you how to build a profitable business model. This course is designed for grant writers seeking to build a business, either full-time or part-time. Scale your grant writing business to six figures, or to whatever you and your family need, and learn how to attract, sign, onboard, WOW, retain, and offboard clients. A $3,000 investment can be paid off with just one or two clients.

If you’re dedicated to your work, growing your grant writing business can take your income to new levels and free you of the corporate world.

Interested in learning more? Contact The Rayvan Group today!


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