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jarrett is engaging

She brings an energetic and informal, yet professional, approach to her work and is committed to helping individuals, companies, and nonprofits find the solutions needed to help build sustainable change. You can often find her with her training and coaching hat on, even when she is speaking to a large crowd, as she teaches and empowers other leaders to ignite their passion for change.


Jarrett is a community champion. She has lived her life through inspired actions and is constantly empowering other people to find their joy. She is a self-professed Nonprofit Nerd and has worked with nonprofits since 2009.


Jarrett is also a dynamic and engaging Emcee who garners greater giving. She sprinkles her pixie dust and donors tend to open their wallets. She also offers topical speeches customized to your theme, industry, and audience for immediate and long-lasting impact. Reach out to discuss your event.


Jarrett Ransom nonprofit nerd speaking


"Jarrett shares her enthusiasm and personal life lessons to deliver a delightful and meaningful session. Her workshop “Recruiting Your Personal Board of Directors” provided me a pause to reflect on what is most important in my life, a boost of inspiration and an action plan to supercharge my network."

~ Joni Rae-Westwood, SRP

"Jarrett shows us the power of sharing our own experiences and stories to heal ourselves and heal the world. Her vulnerability and authenticity will inspire and connect your audience and have them reconsider how true connections and community are born."

~ Kristi Hall, Conscious Connections & Thought Leaders Summit

"How moving and powerful are Jarrett’s story and subsequent transformation from welfare to well-being! Sharing her lessons not only transformed her life but those of her audience as well."

~ Susan Moody, Cz The Day

"Jarrett speaks in such powerfully honest and revealing ways about her successful rise out of depression and government assistance and as a result, she empowers the audience with this message - when you gather your 'A' team community around you, miracles can happen."

~ ShaRon Rea, author/coach/speaker with No Judgment Just Love & The Whole Family Coaching

"Jarrett is sassy and smart. She had the crowd cracking up before she even got started and then was able to bring it in to deliver a powerful talk about finding your community and finding your way. She is a fun speaker, delivering a strong message of over coming obstacles."

~ Michelle O’Neill, Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Speaker

"Jarrett's bold attitude and dynamic personality make her vulnerable journey even more endearing. Community is indeed the solution and it is clear that she is leading that charge… the kind of leadership badly needed in these changing times."

~ Julie Farha, Clear Insight Coach, and Speaker


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