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"Nerd life is so much better than regular life."

- John Green

The Rayvan Group plans and facilitates Our Nerd Out Sessions that educate, challenge, inspire and unite Board members. Through pre-retreat surveys, interactive discussions, presentations by program coordinators or beneficiaries, evaluation of current challenges and creation of goals, The Rayvan Group helps Boards prepare for the year ahead.



  • Approximately 60-90 minute Nerd Out Session

  • Mini-Strategic Plan

  • 1-2 Page Report

  • Fundraising Direction


When you schedule your Nerd Out Session, you will gain clarity around your vision and walk away with action steps to move you closer to your dream.


We can meet in-person if you're a local Phoenix-area organization or via Zoom Video Conference for anyone outside the metro Phoenix area.

Time: 90 mins (via zoom)


  • Produces clarity and focus around getting the nonprofit out of crisis.

  • Creates action steps for areas for improvement.

  • Generates a funding model for future growth.

Nerd Out Sessions are a great way to set direction and the pathway.

“In the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, it is critical that thought leaders help us navigate.  Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd, is just such a person.  This rare talent understands the challenges and opportunities of philanthropy.  With a concise, thoughtful and observant approach to working with nonprofits, Jarrett inspires and encourages all who are able to work with her.  I find her humor, warmth and direct manner the right mix to help nonprofits get things done as they achieve their mission, vision, and values.“

-Julia Patrick, American Nonprofit Academy

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