We're SO Ready to Help You

You have a mission and a passion for change.


Our mission is to help you move from passion to performance and from performance to being a changemaker in the lives you touch.


The Rayvan Group works with clients nationwide to build sustainable and effective fundraising solutions. We serve as an extension of your team and work in partnership with our nonprofit clients.

To learn more about any specific program, schedule a call with one of our strategists so we can assess if we would be a good fit for your needs.



We can be an extension of your team, provide one-on-one coaching, or serve as interim executives.

Plans that Deliver

We work with you to develop strong Strategic Plans for your fund development program.


Big Picture

We assess your current fundraising program, from performance and processes, to opportunities. 

Raise More

We offer a jumpstart for your fundraising plans, help you assess for grant-readiness, and maximizing qualified prospects.


Get Inspired

We offer fun, intensive, interactive "Accelerate Your Nonprofit" workshops that will teach you strategic, tangible tools for raising more money.

Learn to Grow

With our extensive experience and know-how with grant writing, events, and relationship-building, your revenue performance will hit the mark!


noun: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

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