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Jarrett R. Ransom, MBA

President, CEO

Nonprofit Executive / Keynote Speaker / Emcee / Coach / Entrepreneur / Community Builder & Leader / Philanthropy Thought Leader


Jarrett began her consulting firm in 2009 and works exclusively with nonprofits. She is passionate about creating community, empowering others to see and exceed their full potential.


She wears many hats and under her leadership and guidance, her teams across the nation raise millions of dollars every year to support and sustain their mission. The Rayvan Group has helped create sustainable fundraising strategies for start-up to multi-million dollar charitable organizations. As President and CEO of The Rayvan Group, Jarrett consults with nonprofits to help them see the future of their organization. Not just their immediate needs, but several years down the road by providing strategic planning extending 3, 5, 10 years and beyond.


In addition, Jarrett is the co-host of the American Nonprofit Academy’s Nonprofit Show where she brings her dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the weekly show featuring nonprofit thought leaders and topics from around the globe. She has served as host and emcee for a variety of in-person and live events and will be serving as our Dames Extravaganza emcee for this special event.


Jarrett and her son love to adventure and explore the great outdoors. They have currently visited 14 National Parks so far and plan on seeing all US National Parks together.


Awards include 40 Under 40, AZ Central Who's Next Nominee, Greater Phoenix Athena Nominee, AmAZing Women of Arizona recipient and the Global Women's Summit Leadership Award. 

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Karen Barno

Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America

"From the very beginning of our retreat, Jarrett was engaging and kept everyone in the room on track.  Jarrett is very professional as a facilitator, and has a great sense of humor.  She created a two-day agenda that kept everyone focused and committed to achieving our goal.  She did a tremendous job of keeping everyone on point. Jarrett created an atmosphere of camaraderie and instilled a team effort so that each participate supported this plan. She is definitely very passionate about her profession."

Julia Patrick

American Nonprofit Academy

"In the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, it is critical that thought leaders help us navigate.  Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd, is just such a person.  This rare talent understands the challenges and opportunities of philanthropy.  With a concise, thoughtful and observant approach to working with nonprofits, Jarrett inspires and encourages all who are able to work with her.  I find her humor, warmth and direct manner the right mix to help nonprofits get things done as they achieve their mission, vision and values."

Skye Mercer



"Jarrett is truly a nonprofit fundraising and leadership expert.I have had the privilege of working with Jarrett for several years now and I have learned so much from her on how to drive meaningful results as a consultant and business leader. Jarrett is an inspiring, energetic leader and a positive, creative force in the nonprofit community. I am confident that any organization that works with Jarrett is getting the absolute best leadership and fundraising expertise out there."


noun: \ˈchānj mā-kər \

One who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen. 


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