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Reflecting on 15 Years in Business: Finding Balance and Giving Back

Dear Friends, Followers, and Fellow Nonprofit Nerds,

This month marks a significant milestone in my journey – 15 years in business! As I sip my morning coffee, and reflect on this incredible journey, I'm filled with a profound sense of gratitude and accomplishment. Over the years, my life has evolved in ways I never could have imagined, mirroring the shifts and changes in my own life.

Today is just as significant, and intentional, as the day I filed my business paperwork with the Corporation Commission.

When I first started on this entrepreneurial journey, I was fueled by passion, determination, and a vision to make a difference. I started my company, The Rayvan Group in 2009 after I was a reduction in force (i.e. – fired) during the economic downturn. At that time, I was Chief Development Officer for a $21 million operating nonprofit based in Tempe, AZ.

Without knowing where my next paycheck was coming from, I did what a lot of people did in 2008/2009… I curled up in the fetal position and wondered what I would do next.

Just the other day I was talking about how entrepreneurship offers a high risk – high reward lifestyle. Thankfully I was raised by entrepreneur parents and witnessed first-hand what this lifestyle could provide. For me, my personal WHY is freedom, flexibility and travel. My entrepreneur lifestyle affords me all of these things. And yes, it also comes with some demands that some may never understand.

Both of my parents instilled grit and tenacity into my childhood and it has certainly come in handy. Little did I know that this journey would not only shape my professional life but also profoundly impact my personal life. (Read more about my earlier career years here.)

As many of you know, finding the right work-life blend can often feel like impossible. However, over the years, I've come to realize the importance of prioritizing my family and well-being alongside my business endeavors. Over the years, I have evolved my professional services, always focusing on what brings me excitement. I'm currently focused on strategic planning, executive coaching, training and speaking plus a new exciting endeavor that I share below.

I've always integrated my family in my work and modeling philanthropy with my son has been a key piece of our family dynamics. But balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with the ever-changing needs of family life hasn't always been easy, but through dedication and perseverance, I’m finding new rhythms that work for me and my family. And the conversations I am having on Nonprofit Nerd: Impact Unleashed podcast and in my Real Talk virtual meet-ups (the next one is scheduled for April 2) are truly nourishing me as I continue to navigate changes. 

This balance has not only enriched my own life but has also inspired me to share my experiences and insights with others. That's why I'm thrilled to announce the addition of the Nonprofit Nerd® School – a business program for aspiring nonprofit entrepreneurs to assist others in navigating the world of business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Through the Nonprofit Nerd® School, my goal is to empower fellow nonprofit leaders to build successful businesses without sacrificing their personal lives. From practical tips on time management to strategies for self-care and stress reduction, our school offers a wealth of resources designed to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

But beyond just sharing knowledge, the Nonprofit Nerd® School is also a testament to the power of giving back. As I celebrate 15 years in business, I'm reminded of the countless individuals who have supported me along the way – from mentors and colleagues to friends and family. Now, it's my turn to pay it forward and support the next generation of entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Reflecting on the last 15 years fills me with immense gratitude for the opportunities, missions, teams, lessons, and supportive individuals who have journeyed alongside me.


These years have exceeded my wildest dreams, and I eagerly welcome the next 15 with open arms and boundless possibilities, some of which I can't even fathom yet. Here's to another 15 years of growth, discovery, and collective impact on the world. 

Cheers to the journey ahead!

With heartfelt thanks,

Jarrett Ransom

Nonprofit Nerd® :: Philanthropic Thought Leader :: Keynote Speaker :: Emcee ::


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