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Four Places Your Nonprofit Can Find Grant Money

We receive this question a lot - Where can I find grant money for my nonprofit?

Let me assure you that we understand nonprofit organizations depend on grant funding from foundations, corporations and government agencies.

Typically speaking this funding should account for about 15% - 20% of your fundraising revenue.

Here are four places your organization can find grant funding to sustain your nonprofit programs:

1. Ask your board. Your board members may be connected to the community and know of grant opportunities through foundations or corporations in the community. Depending on their sphere of influence, they may know of family foundations that their social contacts and business colleagues may control.

2. Search the internet. This may seem simple and the easiest answer but a good online search could lead to potential funding. Make sure you use keywords when you search. (For example, if your organization serves the homeless population you would use words such as: grants homeless, grants homeless Phoenix, grants homeless Arizona, grants basic needs, grants housing, grants food.)

3. Grant databases. There are a few grant databases that you can access from your public library or purchase an annual membership. All of our clients gain access to GrantStation when they work with us.

4. Know your competition. Review similar organizations’ annual reports, donor walls, websites and social media accounts to see where they have recently received funding.

Over $50 billion dollars are awarded every year through foundations and corporate grants. If your nonprofit is not applying for these opportunities then you are simply leaving money on the table.

Giving USA provides a funding chart that provides a breakdown of your nonprofit fundraising areas and how much money you should depend on through grants.

Typically speaking, grant money is not paid back. Meaning this is not a long from a funder, it is an investment for your organization to forward its mission.

The majority of funders will ask for a report of their funding impact and this will be shared with you once you receive your official award letter.

Now is when we ask you – what would your organization do with $10,000 or $100,000 dollars? There is definitely money out there but to win a grant award, you have to play to get paid.

Imagine there was magic wand and you could be granted three wishes – what does your organization need to run more effectively and efficiently?

Stop procrastinating. It is time to start the research and prepare to submit a winning proposal today.

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