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Tis the Season of Year-End Giving!

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Year-End Fundraising is hectic but it is also rewarding. It's the time of year when volunteers show up in droves to help, in-kind product donations increase and financial contributions start coming in daily. 

We want to help you end 2019 with as many donations to support your mission as possible. This is the season of giving and the season where you want to make sure your systems and stewardship is on point. 

9 Year-End Giving Tips to Help Increase Your Fundraising

1. You cannot expect people to give to you if you never ask them to make a donation. Ask and ask often.

2. Most year-end emails are sent at the same times. Send your email on the weekends!

3. Everyone is saying the same thing - communicate like a real human. (Pro tip: people give to people!)

4. Push out some email asks during the last week of the year (Pro tip: 36% of online giving happens the last week of the year).

5. Use a match to incentivize donors to give now.

6. Show donors the progress of your campaign.

7. Use a countdown clock to create a sense of urgency.

8. Thank your donors in a timely manner (Pro tip: ideally within 24 - 48 hours of their gift).

9. Get your board members involved. Ask them to help promote year-end appeals such as #GivingTuesday, Facebook fundraisers, etc.

I always have time for a phone call! If you would like a chance to talk about your specific year-end plans, let's schedule some time to talk so you can tap further into my expertise. Click here to find a time on my calendar before time runs out!


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