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Your personal money stories are blocking your success.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “that’s too expensive,” or “we can’t afford that?”These statements are powerful and they are limiting beliefs.

When I was a little girl, I remember learning from my parents that we didn’t have enough money. There were times when my mom would pick me up from school and drive me to gymnastics practice and the snack she packed for me was a mayonnaise sandwich. It was like the old 1984 Wendy’s commercial…”Where’s the beef?” She lovingly replied with, “What? I love mayonnaise sandwiches.”

When I work with anyone to help them achieve their fundraising goals, I always like to check their temperature on their own money stories. We all have them. Each and every one of us has the value of a dollar engrained in our DNA.

I believe that we can only do so much and get so far with our own money stories without leaning into the blocks and busting through them!

Prosperity consciousness is a mindset and one I teach in my trainings and executive coaching. However, if you are able to identify your money blocks, address them, and work through them, you will find that you are much better at inviting people to support your nonprofit’s mission.

Think back on when you were planning your gala event and when you were selecting auction packages, did you ever hear someone say, “that’s too much money for the package - nobody will pay that?” This is when I want to remind you that you may, in fact, be shopping with your own bank account. Stop that. It’s important you know your audience, and what their level of giving looks like.

People that are philanthropically-minded and make donations are typically very generous and also often have an annual budget in mind of how much they wish to donate each year. Instead of setting the bar for your audience, why not survey them each year asking them how they might anticipate donating and what type of items/packages they find most desirable?

It takes time to identify your money blocks but once you do, your finite beliefs are removed and your prosperity consciousness takes hold and supersedes those previously engrained thoughts and beliefs.

It is time to set yourself free and allow the abundance to flow!


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